The world today is so competitive, cut-throat and dog eat dog. Everybody is running faster, needing more, wanting more. And the more we get, the more we want. The more we want, the more we run and the more we run the more unhappy we become – proverbial hamsters on the wheel!

And in all this wanting, it’s so easy to forget all that we do have – all the gifts that we take for granted. And one of the greatest gifts that we can have is healthy children. What a miracle it is that most are born perfect, beautiful and healthy – isn’t that alone a cause for infinite happiness?

But like most it wasn’t something I had thought about consciously – it was brought home to me, when I volunteered with children having Cerebral Palsy and their parents. I had previously written about ANAND who had Cerebral Palsy and who had inspired me and today I am reminded of my wonderful friend Jyotsna who is the picture of grace and courage, given her special challenge. She is the mother of beautiful Anandita, who has cerebral palsy. Jyotsna writes about it on her blog ‘Learning Disability and Special Needs’ (

The one thing I noticed the most in Jyotsna and in most of the parents I met, is their lack of self-pity and bitterness. They don’t wail – why me! Instead they get on with the business of life with even more determination, patience and courage. There’s is a hard path, but just like Gold is smelted and burnished before it gleams – these parents gleam Gold – by their very tough experiences. Jyotsna’s cheerfulness, her willingness to help others (she now mentors other parents) is simply amazing!

I have learnt so much from them and been humbled by their courage and inspired by them – and the next time my child doesn’t come at the top of his class, I will not berate him or run him down. Next time I feel like complaining, groaning and moaning about life – I will simply remind myself of the wonderful gift I have.


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8 responses to “COURAGE

  1. Thank you Anjali 🙂 ! Cliched as this may sound, I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it had not been for anandita’s birth and challenges. There is a deep knowing that I am brave. I’m touched that you chose to write about courage .


  2. It would seem my comments disappeared…good to know you are back and well and the family are fine. Russell


    • Thank you so much for dropping by Russell! Good to get back. Unfortunately I didn’t get any earlier comments that you might have posted. Do visit often! 🙂


  3. Robert

    Dear Anjali,

    Such a powerful post. Thank you for it.

    All good wishes,



  4. Yes, you are right; we take it for granted what we have and hanker for what we don’t have, in the process miss out the wonderful opportunity to enjoy those small and beautiful gifts of life which are already with us…perhaps that’s how we all tend to be.


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