I am born. I will die.

In between: A lifetime, spent in senseless ego. Senseless quarrels.  Endless wanting, craving, grasping, accumulating. Why?

Birth and death, the only two realities: Let’s make them matter.

The rest, a melodrama: Let’s take a rest from it.



Filed under Philosophy

13 responses to “WHY?

  1. I believe that our behavior is so monitored and controlled that none of us really know how to live anymore. Great post!


    • Thank you for dropping by and for your comment! You are so right about that, it’s seems to me that our wants have run away with us – all self esteem tied up with material possessions..


  2. Short, sweet and to the point! We ought to take a break from the melodrama but we often get too entangled in it.


  3. you got a warm feel in your words and a directness that cuts to the chase and its felt. keep on doing your thing


  4. Robert

    Dear Anjali,

    Such lovely reflections.

    All good wishes,



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