This is the question, a friend of mine asked me: Is the software of life faulty?

Considering all the terrible things that have happened and are happening around us in the world, it’s a valid question to ask. And everything points to the fact, that things have indeed gone wrong somewhere, but here’s my pennyworth of world view:

Our lifespan is very tiny compared to the lifespan of the universe, it’s just a snapshot and therefore gives us a limited view of things. It’s like each one of us is a single thread, in the making of the whole weave of a rug – we are being thrashed about, woven, twisted, turned and as a result we suffer. We in our limited vision are unable to see the whole emerging pattern on the rug, which is beautiful, and which makes perfect sense. But we are unable to see the purpose of that thrashing about and the resultant design that emerges, and therefore question it, resist it and suffer all the more for it.

Say, we go on the moon, our vision is then expanded and we see this earth as one, all the quarrels we have appear so very petty! One tiny life on one planet, in one solar system among millions of galaxies, in one universe among millions and everything goes on meticulously – stars are formed and flowers bloom and babies are born, each intricate, delicate system balanced, each functioning – such is the beauty and miracle of existence!

In effect – I believe that the software ‘appears’ faulty but really isn’t. And our journey is towards perfection, in a universe that already is…perfect..only in our limited vision we are not able to comprehend that.


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  1. jyotsnak

    The software of life isn’t faulty .. It’s the way we treat it that matters. How do we really perceive ourselves at any given moment? As part of a whole that we need to be in rhythm with? Or are we so caught up in our struggles that we miss out on the beauty of our existing… Just a view . It is so individual dependant but we forget that

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  2. “Our journey is towards perfection, in a universe that already is…perfect..only in our limited vision we are not able to comprehend that”..I suppose we concentrate too much on the perfection side of things that we lose track of all else.

    Very thought provoking post, and a philosophical one at that too. Great stuff!


  3. Nandu

    Anjali what you have mentioned makes perfect sense to me an you but human beings just live their life of greed of material things, uncontrolled emotions,wrong ideas of life as laid down by society.The fault lies with us.I think our software is flawed.


    • Hi Nandakumar, thanks for your response. We are all on different journeys, and we all have different lessons to learn and I feel that IS the point of the journey and that the universe ensures that we do, sooner or later! πŸ™‚


  4. I simply loved this one. It’s actually very true. While we keep focusing on all the bad that is happening around us, we forget to focus on the good that is, and has always been here in spite of all the chaos. We ignore the bigger picture. And we fail to acknowledge that bad things have also been present since forever – we have fought wars, we have seen and done much destruction in the past. But it has always been temporary, and the world has emerged stronger and better every time. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


  5. Robert

    Dear Anjali,

    Thank you for this wonderful post which conveys a question about which I think often, especially when I’m lost looking into the deep, starry sky on a clear night.

    This life is quite unfathomable. Earthly time and cosmic time are way beyond the perspective of the personality to conceive or grasp. The earth lives in the time wherein it takes millions of years for things to change. But it’s difficult for the constricted human personality to live in this kind of time, to grasp that kind of time, to even accept that kind of time. And yet time, itself, quite the mystery too.

    And so we opt out, choosing to live in a closet of time, narrowing our vision until we then start shooting our neighbors. If only we could immerse ourselves in a context that opens us up, empties us out, and creates in us an immense spaciousness (where else can immense spaciousness exist anyway?). Then we might glimpse a new totality wherein the head, with his squinted eyes, is no longer elevated above the totality of the whole, with her open arms.

    How lovely is your post in how it opens up a potential for greater vision.

    Thank you for this again.

    All good wishes,



    • What a wonderfully eloquent reply Robert – thank you for this! I especially loved your ‘ empties us out and creates in us an open spaciousness…’ That says it all! Thank you.


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