Sorrow is a wilted rose

sepia tinted and crumpled up prose,

Sorrow is cold winter rain

slithering down cracked window panes,

Sorrow is dilapidated barns

in forgotten little villages,

Sorrow is love discarded

walking down deserted lanes,

Sorrow is softly sharp

cutting through sinew and heart,

Sorrow flies on broken wings

journeying through lands unforgiving,

Sorrow is young and old

lost in yearning yesterdays and wrinkled up tomorrows,

Sorrow is not knowing

what you had today,

Until you’ve lost it forever

never to have it come back




Filed under Life, Poetry

9 responses to “SORROW…

  1. Robert

    Dear Anjali,

    Thank you for this post. As I sit here listening to the music of Olafur Arnalds (which seems to evoke similar depths as this piece by you), I’m left to reflect on how precious is life, and how we ought not squander it or waste it.

    All good wishes,



  2. Really really beautiful words of sorrowness! Nice poem.


  3. So beautfiully expressed, loved it.


  4. Beautifully expressed, loved it:)


  5. Lovely. You had me at the opening.


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