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There is –

too much talking, not enough listening

too much taking, not enough giving

too much mine, not enough ours

too much grasping, not enough

letting go…

There are –

too many degrees, not enough knowledge

too much knowledge, not enough wisdom

too many opinions

not enough understanding

too much brain

not enough heart…

There is –

too much for a few, too little for many

too much luxury, too little satisfaction

too much ambition, but little purpose

too much living

without any real meaning…

There is –

too much power, little compassion

too much competition, little co-operation

too much control, little freedom

too much hate

and too little love…

I shudder:

Then –

I take a deep breath

feel the moment cascade


I notice –

The shiver, of a blade of grass

the whisper, of the rushing breeze

the flight, of a dotted butterfly

the emerald, of the apple laden tree

And the soft settling –

of silent








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Sitting on the beach,

watching the ocean,

I listen to the crashing, of waves in motion

and the crying, of lonesome –



I feel the sand, sifting and shifting,

and slipping, from under my tired feet.

Time rolls by and ships drift away,

as the horizon beckons –

over its edge.


Names on the sand, wash away,

and cliffs, slowly but surely

crumble; the vast sky

watches it all; the empty space –

contains it All.


The water gets, ever more deep,

and time becomes, ever more still.

The more I seek, the less I know,

the more I let go, the more –

I keep.


Walking on the beach,

watching the ocean,

I gaze, as the saffron sun, sets

and my footprints quietly –






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