Sitting on the beach,

watching the ocean,

I listen to the crashing, of waves in motion

and the crying, of lonesome –



I feel the sand, sifting and shifting,

and slipping, from under my tired feet.

Time rolls by and ships drift away,

as the horizon beckons –

over its edge.


Names on the sand, wash away,

and cliffs, slowly but surely

crumble; the vast sky

watches it all; the empty space –

contains it All.


The water gets, ever more deep,

and time becomes, ever more still.

The more I seek, the less I know,

the more I let go, the more –

I keep.


Walking on the beach,

watching the ocean,

I gaze, as the saffron sun, sets

and my footprints quietly –






Filed under Life, Philosophy, Poetry, ZEN

8 responses to “SHIFTING SANDS

  1. Robert

    Dear Anjali,

    This is a wonderful poem. Thank you for it. It leaves me reflecting on how nothing is as it appears and, even if it appears this or that way, it will be different or gone tomorrow. May we find that which is imperishable.

    All good wishes,



    • You hit the nail on the wall Robert – ‘imperishable’ – that’s it, that’s the search. But not in the sense of immortality or living for ever but a Reality that encompasses all that IS.
      Thank you Robert for your always wise comments.


  2. the ocean is such a wonderful dream – TY
    ~ Eric


  3. Very musical, Anjali! I like the way you’ve used punctuation to emphasize the phrasing.


  4. Zara

    Beautifully penned Anjali!


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