There is –

too much talking, not enough listening

too much taking, not enough giving

too much mine, not enough ours

too much grasping, not enough

letting go…

There are –

too many degrees, not enough knowledge

too much knowledge, not enough wisdom

too many opinions

not enough understanding

too much brain

not enough heart…

There is –

too much for a few, too little for many

too much luxury, too little satisfaction

too much ambition, but little purpose

too much living

without any real meaning…

There is –

too much power, little compassion

too much competition, little co-operation

too much control, little freedom

too much hate

and too little love…

I shudder:

Then –

I take a deep breath

feel the moment cascade


I notice –

The shiver, of a blade of grass

the whisper, of the rushing breeze

the flight, of a dotted butterfly

the emerald, of the apple laden tree

And the soft settling –

of silent








Filed under Life, Philosophy, Poetry, Spirituality

20 responses to “SOMETIMES I FEEL…

  1. nandu

    See its so easy to attain peace in this world. Very well written Anjali !!


  2. neha bokil

    Superb anjutai. Awesome. loved it.


  3. Zara

    Beautifully penned


  4. Nyambura

    Beautifully written, Anjali.


  5. Anjali, thanks for the follow, really appreciated, Just landed here and love this piece. I love you already, MM 😃


  6. Robert

    Dear Anjali,

    Thank you for this absolutely wonderful poem. I feel the same way…too much head, not enough heart.

    All good wishes,



  7. beautiful thoughts and wonderfully crafted the art of articulating these beautiful thoughts…loved it.


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