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For a moment our eyes met
and a million questions arose
behind a veil, a story peeked
and waited to be told.
So many faces, so many stories
so many worlds colliding with
each other for moments to unfold.

Every moment that collided,
intersected and intertwined
drew a venn diagram of life
an intersection of separate lives
lived intensely and infinitely
as one, only to have to go on
living in separate worlds.

And our story
had no beginning and so no end
just for a moment had our eyes met
and so for now, my story and yours
will have to wait
to unfold.


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SERENITY (A Gogyohka)

A cloudy frothy wake of Saffron streams
as you majestically descend
My heart swells as your beauty transcends
all petty complaints and smallness
and Love fills all emptyness

Gogyohka is a 5-line Japanese poem. I was inspired to write it after learning about it on Staci’s wonderful blog. Check it out at



October 12, 2014 · 10:12 pm


There’s a smile playing hide-n-seek

I just need to find it…

Sometimes it disguises itself

as a little unexpected raindrop

that falls with a very big splosh!

Sometimes I chase after it

riding on big red buses

and just about manage to catch it

on the corners of little gift shops

and in the sweet stolen kisses on lovers’ lips…

Sometimes it stays in hiding

no matter how I hard I try to find it

But I know I could find it in a friend’s

warm hug on a rainy Sunday or

spot it  streaming out

of a steaming cup of tea

on a cold winter’s day…

And sometimes when the day ends

and twilight descends

and the moon begins to play

hide-n-seek with silvery stars

it slips through the chinks

when I am not even looking for it

and winks out of a funny bed-time poem

and settles on my lips

catching me unawares…


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