For a moment our eyes met
and a million questions arose
behind a veil, a story peeked
and waited to be told.
So many faces, so many stories
so many worlds colliding with
each other for moments to unfold.

Every moment that collided,
intersected and intertwined
drew a venn diagram of life
an intersection of separate lives
lived intensely and infinitely
as one, only to have to go on
living in separate worlds.

And our story
had no beginning and so no end
just for a moment had our eyes met
and so for now, my story and yours
will have to wait
to unfold.


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16 responses to “AN UNTOLD STORY

  1. Reflective romance – very touching.


  2. currankentucky

    Great emotion!


  3. Robert

    Dear Anjali,

    Thank you for this poem. So very nice.

    It is, for me, a bit poignant in that it conveys something of sharing with others, not wholly, but in part. And how bridges may be created from me to you, but sometimes not.

    There is a longing that is very subtle here, a longing of the heart which is always reaching beyond itself.

    All good wishes,



  4. This is lovely. It makes me think about all the stories not shared, but also those still waiting to be shared on day. Blessings


  5. sherinsk

    Hmm sometimes momentary glimpses exchanged feels like a life time right?


  6. Wonderfully weaved, the choice of words and the intrinsic emotions…flawless flow. Yes, when our eyes meets or when our mind matches it unfolds ocean of new thoughts…these are genesis of beautiful stories.


  7. Ah, the Venn Diagram. It may be the only useful thing I learned in algebra! And nicely employed as a metaphor here.


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