A wonderful blogger recently asked me to share my thoughts and views Religion and spirituality.

My response was as follows:

I have never identified myself with labels, whether nationalistic, religious or otherwise. The more I have seen the world the more I see the unity as opposed to differences, which are so very superficial. The joys and sorrows, the pain and happiness that govern a human life are fundamentally the same no matter, which country, religion, race or culture they belong to. Parents feel same joys and sorrows for their children, lovers the same love – what might differ is the external expression of those things. The expression being deemed as acceptable or not depending on the cultural conditioning. Ultimately everything that we tend to identify ourselves by is nothing but conditioning. Even nationalistic feeling, though considered to be a good thing can ultimately be detrimental when compared to the unity of the human experience – as it tends to separate man from man and woman from woman.

Tree picture ashramAnything that comes in the way of the unified human experience of love, which takes us away from basic fundamental human emotions and experiences of empathy, compassion – cannot be close to divinity. All spiritual paths, whatever names they go by, ultimately lead to the same destination. To claim that only one is true and the rest not so – is ludicrous. HE, SHE or IT that is all pervasive and has created the entire universe – how can such an intelligent presence differentiate between the very things it has created? That is pure indoctrination of the human mind by the human mind for nothing but control and power. How can love for God exist where no love for his creation exists!

Inner experience shows – that the more one advances, the more the labels fall off, the less is the insistence on a specific self limiting identity. How can that which is infinite be defined in finite terms? This is what i feel. The more one grows, the freer one is from small, narrow limitations; the more the walls break down. The more is the expansion of love. Not only does that love extend towards ones near or dear ones but it expands in ever widening concentric circles to include all societies, all nations, the world and ultimately the universe. It all exists within us.

The creator and the created are identical, the same holiness pervades all creation.


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15 responses to “BREAKING DOWN WALLS

  1. Robert

    Dear Anjali,

    Thank you for this wonderful post.

    You started this post by sharing: “The more I have seen the world the more I see the unity as opposed to differences…” This statement, alone, says so very much.

    I believe it was Mark Twain who observed something similar, that is, that traveling, and opening up and seeing others in the world, enabled him his mind to take in bigger vistas. Specifically, it enabled him to see that people are essentially the same everywhere. The only thing that is different are the exteriors, the outer customs, etc.

    I fully agree with you about nationalistic feeling. It does not have to, but can so easily lead to a separation between humans. It can lead to an “us versus them” world.

    You wrote: “how can such an intelligent presence differentiate between the very things it has created?” What a very penetrating – and powerfully stated – observation!

    What a wonderful post full of wisdom. Thank you again for it.

    All good wishes,


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    • Dear Robert,
      Thank you so very much for your visit and thoughtful comment. I am honoured that you agree with what I feel and say. I think this is what humanity needs – a convergence and a unity of being – rather than be manipulated by those with vested interests, who seek to gain control and power by setting humans against each other. Thank you once again for your continued support. I always look forward to your insightful comments. All my best wishes to you and yours.

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  2. Beautifully expressed Anjali. I agree that the more we look and live from love, we naturally embrace all in oneness. To finding more ways to unite and live in harmony with each other and nature.
    blessings, Brad

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  3. out cycling today
    looking for the Buddhist tree
    or a Christian cat
    or a Hindu sky.
    They all smiled
    and gestured to
    look elsewhere 🙂

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  4. I totally agree with you Anjali. I always feel that there’s one language that’s governing the whole world and it’s the language of love. No matter what words are used, the expressions remain the same; whether it’s the touch of innocent fingers on mother’s face, the warmth of the lover’s hand, or blessings from the hand of the elderly. Thanks for sharing your wonderful views!

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  5. “…HE, SHE or IT that is all pervasive and has created the entire universe – how can such an intelligent presence differentiate between the very things it has created?” This says it all, what we have as you say amounts to mind control in the face of the void of nothing-ness. It’s a natural misunderstanding caused by this insistence on a specific self limiting identity. I’m optimistic, it’s spiritual development, as in economic development – the West has a long way to go…

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    • I am honoured that you concur – thank you for your visit and thoughtful comment. I think humanity as a whole has a long way to go! 🙂 But then again that’s what we are here for – to learn! I think this world is a giant school and the lessons we learn will be the roadmaps to going back home. 🙂


  6. wilsonagaba

    Thank you for sharing us your lovely thoughts !

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  7. Timeless wisdom cogently and clearly articulated, Anjali. Hindu philosophy avers that the universe is born out of ‘Kama’, or desire of the male and female energy, expanding all forms and coalescing them in inclusive love, sans barriers. Your name variously stands for divine offering, messenger and angel respectively in Sanskrit, Greek and Latin. By the wisdom conveyed through this post, you seem to be epitomising all that your name signifies… May I, in your honour, hum the opening line of a popular song in one of the Indian languages, “anjali…anjali….pushpanjali…” Best wishes… Raj.

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