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Words fail

mere sounds

melting into nothingness…

Words tire

meaningless and trite

grating noise

on heart’s primordial silence…

The dive

into soul’s soothing cradle

of incandescent light

within and without

I so crave…

The monkey mind

jumps without meaning

Stop. Be still. Dissolve.

Into Peace

streaming consciousness

of Truth, Beauty

and Love…




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There is –

too much talking, not enough listening

too much taking, not enough giving

too much mine, not enough ours

too much grasping, not enough

letting go…

There are –

too many degrees, not enough knowledge

too much knowledge, not enough wisdom

too many opinions

not enough understanding

too much brain

not enough heart…

There is –

too much for a few, too little for many

too much luxury, too little satisfaction

too much ambition, but little purpose

too much living

without any real meaning…

There is –

too much power, little compassion

too much competition, little co-operation

too much control, little freedom

too much hate

and too little love…

I shudder:

Then –

I take a deep breath

feel the moment cascade


I notice –

The shiver, of a blade of grass

the whisper, of the rushing breeze

the flight, of a dotted butterfly

the emerald, of the apple laden tree

And the soft settling –

of silent








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Sitting on the beach,

watching the ocean,

I listen to the crashing, of waves in motion

and the crying, of lonesome –



I feel the sand, sifting and shifting,

and slipping, from under my tired feet.

Time rolls by and ships drift away,

as the horizon beckons –

over its edge.


Names on the sand, wash away,

and cliffs, slowly but surely

crumble; the vast sky

watches it all; the empty space –

contains it All.


The water gets, ever more deep,

and time becomes, ever more still.

The more I seek, the less I know,

the more I let go, the more –

I keep.


Walking on the beach,

watching the ocean,

I gaze, as the saffron sun, sets

and my footprints quietly –






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I have wandered

through many lives

and walked many roads,

I have lived

many stories

and enjoyed many roles,

been many heroes

and many a villain.

I have lived in palaces

and lived in huts, led massive

empires, and served as a serf

and seen both – crumble to dust.

I have climbed and fallen,

crawled and risen,

engaged and enjoyed,

 loved and lost

and fought

and regained,

but all – at such a cost.

I have seen it all,

the pain and the joy

the gain and the loss,

and now – all I want

is to go home,

and get some rest.

Take me home…please take me home…

To You.







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Sorrow is a wilted rose

sepia tinted and crumpled up prose,

Sorrow is cold winter rain

slithering down cracked window panes,

Sorrow is dilapidated barns

in forgotten little villages,

Sorrow is love discarded

walking down deserted lanes,

Sorrow is softly sharp

cutting through sinew and heart,

Sorrow flies on broken wings

journeying through lands unforgiving,

Sorrow is young and old

lost in yearning yesterdays and wrinkled up tomorrows,

Sorrow is not knowing

what you had today,

Until you’ve lost it forever

never to have it come back




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Sometimes words are superfluous…



July 13, 2014 · 1:14 pm


This is the question, a friend of mine asked me: Is the software of life faulty?

Considering all the terrible things that have happened and are happening around us in the world, it’s a valid question to ask. And everything points to the fact, that things have indeed gone wrong somewhere, but here’s my pennyworth of world view:

Our lifespan is very tiny compared to the lifespan of the universe, it’s just a snapshot and therefore gives us a limited view of things. It’s like each one of us is a single thread, in the making of the whole weave of a rug – we are being thrashed about, woven, twisted, turned and as a result we suffer. We in our limited vision are unable to see the whole emerging pattern on the rug, which is beautiful, and which makes perfect sense. But we are unable to see the purpose of that thrashing about and the resultant design that emerges, and therefore question it, resist it and suffer all the more for it.

Say, we go on the moon, our vision is then expanded and we see this earth as one, all the quarrels we have appear so very petty! One tiny life on one planet, in one solar system among millions of galaxies, in one universe among millions and everything goes on meticulously – stars are formed and flowers bloom and babies are born, each intricate, delicate system balanced, each functioning – such is the beauty and miracle of existence!

In effect – I believe that the software ‘appears’ faulty but really isn’t. And our journey is towards perfection, in a universe that already is…perfect..only in our limited vision we are not able to comprehend that.


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