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I think we would all agree that whatever we do in life, it is simply because we want to be happy.

Be it a desire for money, success, fame, knowledge, love or anything else that might be THE thing that we covet or crave for ourselves or for our loved ones. Bottom line: we want it because we feel it will make us happy. And inevitably there are times when we don’t get what we want or desire. Consequence: We are unhappy and experience pain. This is the story of the human existence since the beginning. And not much has changed since.

BUDDHA PICBut really, need it be like that?
Most of our pain results from resistance to what IS. We do not get what we so badly want and we think it’s so unjust to not get what we want or think we deserve. And sometimes we get what we don’t want and believe we don’t deserve: Loss, illness, poverty, a lack of success, violence and abuse. The list is endless. And ironically sometimes, we DO get what we want and find that we are still not happy! For we never expected the consequences of getting what we wanted. Or that the goal post has changed and expectations have increased. And we are back to square one. Still unhappy.

None of us are immune to the ravages of life. Life can be painful but I also believe that we aggravate our pain exponentially by resisting it. By telling ourselves stories about it. About how dreadful it is. We wallow in it and grow more attached to our pain. As if we were unique and the only ones to suffer. How arrogant!

Once we accept that that no one is immune, we lose the self-pity and stop resisting. And once we start accepting the IS, I think we have a real chance of happiness. Because then we can start focussing on what we DO have. This is nothing new, this simple concept of the glass: half full or half empty. It has been around I think, from the time humans began to question their existence. I for one know that I can’t remind myself enough of it. There is great practical benefit in reminding oneself of all the things one DOES have and be grateful for it. It makes for a great sense of happiness in life. As a sense of entitlement can actually become the cause of a great deal of grief.

Life is so much like a game of Billiards.
We aim and cannon the cue ball hoping that it will net the Red ball and score. But the aim might be wrong, the balls scattered and the end result completely beyond comprehension. Unless of course, we develop such a consummate skill and such an innate capacity in understanding the workings of the universe that we know precisely which ball to hit and where it will go. Perhaps thats why we are here in the first place. To learn to hit the ball so that we net the happiness. But then again, equating happiness with ‘getting’ something is itself the cause of unhappiness! A contradiction.

Often when I look back on my life, I realise that all the little things that I thought went ‘wrong’ or didn’t ‘get’ actually formed a choreography of events that eventually led to all the ‘Right’ things. The ‘Right’ was not even what I wanted or expected. But it was still RIGHT at that precise moment. Whether I liked it or not. And acceptance of THAT made me lighter and happier as a person.

When I talk of acceptance, I certainly do not mean passivity or lack of positive action. I simply mean the mental state of equanimity, no matter what the externals are at that point, whether positive or negative. Ultimately even those are perceptions. It is only time that reveals whether what was, was really positive and in our best interest. Or Not.

The specifics of what we want don’t really matter that much. They are simply heavy and unnecessary baggage that we lug around day in and day out. Letting go of the baggage of desires and expectations is actually letting go of unnecessary burden. What a relief that is!  Creating space for life to unfold as it naturally would without our constant Egoic interference, feels as natural as breathing.

In the scheme of the universe, in the cosmic lifetime, our life is simply a blink. Before we know it, it’s over. So let’s just play the Game of Billiards and enjoy it without getting too involved in the ideas of Winning or Losing!


April 5, 2015 · 6:31 pm



It grows and grows,

an endless spidery web,

of wants and desires,

Life – caught in silvery,

gossamer trappings,

taken over, engulfed, drowned,

not knowing that it’s even happening.

Enamored by the Golden cage,

forever on a hamster’s wheel,

spinning, spinning, spinning!

Breathe – I say to myself,

Let it go, let it go, let it All go!

Lighter, freer, oh to float,

to open the cage and get off the wheel – what bliss!

But –

More is Gold – the world howls!

Bigger is better – it screams!

Climb and claw, fight to get it All – it preaches,

buy more and get more

you are worth it – it entices!

For without it All – you are Nothing- it hisses!

You are only the things you own – it proclaims!

Oh, how we curdle in fear, how we buy into the lie.

What a web!

What an enticing illusion,

No more, no more, no more –

I will be caught no more.

I fly with glee, my mind will be free.

I begin the untangling,

the unraveling

Free to simply Be.


February 9, 2015 · 10:41 am


photo 5

Men and women in masks
Marionettes that dance
Fake smiles in bright lights
Brittle and brazen in fights
With holes in their souls
How do they get by
With hideous grasping
Greedy and grabbing
Stripping the world bare
With an ugly stare
Beautiful carcasses
Designed to deceive
In shadows they live
Without masks
They cannot breathe
Such is the world
A stage –
of masked


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Drizzling eyes

heavy skies

      sighing shadows

      lengthening nights

      Unspoken words

      spoken silences

     empty spaces

     empty nests

birds in flight

distantly destined.



November 17, 2014 · 1:22 pm


Bubbles 2

To each his bubble
to each his colour
to view through a happy rose
or a suspicious grimy grey
Some do burst bubbles
with sly and shameless glee
Others blow them up
with joyous abandon
Some exist but for a moment
others scatter hither-tither
as whimsy dictates, this way and that
Yet others glide effortlessly
neither do resist nor exert,
their importance upon others
their iridescent luminescence
content to just Be
In the here and now

and Forever…


November 2, 2014 · 8:42 pm


For a moment our eyes met
and a million questions arose
behind a veil, a story peeked
and waited to be told.
So many faces, so many stories
so many worlds colliding with
each other for moments to unfold.

Every moment that collided,
intersected and intertwined
drew a venn diagram of life
an intersection of separate lives
lived intensely and infinitely
as one, only to have to go on
living in separate worlds.

And our story
had no beginning and so no end
just for a moment had our eyes met
and so for now, my story and yours
will have to wait
to unfold.


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(My work brings me in contact with people who have suffered devastating tragedies in some way in their life. This poem is ‘inspired’ – am not sure that’s an appropriate word – by one such tragedy.)


He stood shivering

wet skin and dry eyes;

He jingled

jangled tunes

breaking through

torn pocket



He lived rough

and pretended to be

oh so tough;

Meagre possessions

in a broken cart

a blanket, cigarettes

and a burnt out heart.


Where will he

sleep tonight?

Underneath the

plastic sheet

behind the

garbage bin

fiddlin’ with

her frayed picture

he’d gambled

with life



didn’t win.



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There is –

too much talking, not enough listening

too much taking, not enough giving

too much mine, not enough ours

too much grasping, not enough

letting go…

There are –

too many degrees, not enough knowledge

too much knowledge, not enough wisdom

too many opinions

not enough understanding

too much brain

not enough heart…

There is –

too much for a few, too little for many

too much luxury, too little satisfaction

too much ambition, but little purpose

too much living

without any real meaning…

There is –

too much power, little compassion

too much competition, little co-operation

too much control, little freedom

too much hate

and too little love…

I shudder:

Then –

I take a deep breath

feel the moment cascade


I notice –

The shiver, of a blade of grass

the whisper, of the rushing breeze

the flight, of a dotted butterfly

the emerald, of the apple laden tree

And the soft settling –

of silent








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Sitting on the beach,

watching the ocean,

I listen to the crashing, of waves in motion

and the crying, of lonesome –



I feel the sand, sifting and shifting,

and slipping, from under my tired feet.

Time rolls by and ships drift away,

as the horizon beckons –

over its edge.


Names on the sand, wash away,

and cliffs, slowly but surely

crumble; the vast sky

watches it all; the empty space –

contains it All.


The water gets, ever more deep,

and time becomes, ever more still.

The more I seek, the less I know,

the more I let go, the more –

I keep.


Walking on the beach,

watching the ocean,

I gaze, as the saffron sun, sets

and my footprints quietly –






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I have wandered

through many lives

and walked many roads,

I have lived

many stories

and enjoyed many roles,

been many heroes

and many a villain.

I have lived in palaces

and lived in huts, led massive

empires, and served as a serf

and seen both – crumble to dust.

I have climbed and fallen,

crawled and risen,

engaged and enjoyed,

 loved and lost

and fought

and regained,

but all – at such a cost.

I have seen it all,

the pain and the joy

the gain and the loss,

and now – all I want

is to go home,

and get some rest.

Take me home…please take me home…

To You.







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