Words fail

mere sounds

melting into nothingness…

Words tire

meaningless and trite

grating noise

on heart’s primordial silence…

The dive

into soul’s soothing cradle

of incandescent light

within and without

I so crave…

The monkey mind

jumps without meaning

Stop. Be still. Dissolve.

Into Peace

streaming consciousness

of Truth, Beauty

and Love…




Filed under Life, Meditation, Mindfulness, Philosophy, Poetry, Spirituality, ZEN

8 responses to “PEACE

  1. Robert

    Dear Anjali,
    Thank you for this wonderful poem. I very much like how it conveys that there is a beauty beyond the reach of words.
    All good wishes,


  2. Lovely poem, yes,’ words’ do have limitations, all form of human expressions cannot be conveyed through words, it needs images to gestures to supplement the short comings…


  3. I am no stranger to the ‘monkey mind’ syndrome. I wrote a poem once called, “Shut up”, addressing my mind.


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