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I have wandered

through many lives

and walked many roads,

I have lived

many stories

and enjoyed many roles,

been many heroes

and many a villain.

I have lived in palaces

and lived in huts, led massive

empires, and served as a serf

and seen both – crumble to dust.

I have climbed and fallen,

crawled and risen,

engaged and enjoyed,

 loved and lost

and fought

and regained,

but all – at such a cost.

I have seen it all,

the pain and the joy

the gain and the loss,

and now – all I want

is to go home,

and get some rest.

Take me home…please take me home…

To You.







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Nurse Napping

tahtonka - A Journey Through Global Culture

Nursing is not easy, you must be dedicated to serving.
Picture credit: Wikipedia

A new friend told me about this story yesterday and I did not sleep much wondering why it had never made the news here?

This was not the kind of story, that could have been forgotten, at least not by me.

If this had happened in the United States, it would have been on every Channel for days on end, as is every other horrific story.

We would have seen it, all day, every day, night and day.

But, there has been nothing on our local News here about this.

So, while I was not sleeping last night and dwelling on this story, something occurred to me.

Could racism possibly have been involved here?

Because these Nurses were all Indian?

God, I truly hope not.

These innocent women were Nurse napped from a hospital in Iraq, it is said, about the beginning of July, yet even though I…

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Sorrow is a wilted rose

sepia tinted and crumpled up prose,

Sorrow is cold winter rain

slithering down cracked window panes,

Sorrow is dilapidated barns

in forgotten little villages,

Sorrow is love discarded

walking down deserted lanes,

Sorrow is softly sharp

cutting through sinew and heart,

Sorrow flies on broken wings

journeying through lands unforgiving,

Sorrow is young and old

lost in yearning yesterdays and wrinkled up tomorrows,

Sorrow is not knowing

what you had today,

Until you’ve lost it forever

never to have it come back




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Sometimes words are superfluous…



July 13, 2014 · 1:14 pm


This is the question, a friend of mine asked me: Is the software of life faulty?

Considering all the terrible things that have happened and are happening around us in the world, it’s a valid question to ask. And everything points to the fact, that things have indeed gone wrong somewhere, but here’s my pennyworth of world view:

Our lifespan is very tiny compared to the lifespan of the universe, it’s just a snapshot and therefore gives us a limited view of things. It’s like each one of us is a single thread, in the making of the whole weave of a rug – we are being thrashed about, woven, twisted, turned and as a result we suffer. We in our limited vision are unable to see the whole emerging pattern on the rug, which is beautiful, and which makes perfect sense. But we are unable to see the purpose of that thrashing about and the resultant design that emerges, and therefore question it, resist it and suffer all the more for it.

Say, we go on the moon, our vision is then expanded and we see this earth as one, all the quarrels we have appear so very petty! One tiny life on one planet, in one solar system among millions of galaxies, in one universe among millions and everything goes on meticulously – stars are formed and flowers bloom and babies are born, each intricate, delicate system balanced, each functioning – such is the beauty and miracle of existence!

In effect – I believe that the software ‘appears’ faulty but really isn’t. And our journey is towards perfection, in a universe that already is…perfect..only in our limited vision we are not able to comprehend that.


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