I have wandered

through many lives

and walked many roads,

I have lived

many stories

and enjoyed many roles,

been many heroes

and many a villain.

I have lived in palaces

and lived in huts, led massive

empires, and served as a serf

and seen both – crumble to dust.

I have climbed and fallen,

crawled and risen,

engaged and enjoyed,

 loved and lost

and fought

and regained,

but all – at such a cost.

I have seen it all,

the pain and the joy

the gain and the loss,

and now – all I want

is to go home,

and get some rest.

Take me home…please take me home…

To You.







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17 responses to “TAKE ME HOME…

  1. Robert

    Dear Anjali,

    This is a wonderful, beautiful poem. Than you for it.

    I do really sense that we are all here, together, to walk each other home. We should not have to walk home alone.

    All good wishes,



  2. I like the rhythm which helps give voice to the travel. Right on, with the ending.

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  3. Ariel Bernstein

    Such a beautiful read with wonderfully evocative language!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is beautiful Anjali.
    How much of this is YOU?


  5. I don’t recall much of any other identities – I see them somewhat sometimes… I’m busy enough though… we are home I think. I see myself there more so than any other form.
    Happy blogging Anjali
    ~ Eric


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